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Why Choose DVD?
DVD photo slideshow albums are not only wonderful because they allow the incorporation of a fitting musical soundtrack and beautiful image transitions; they also last nearly forever! Unlike a VHS photo montage, or a traditional photo album, you will never experience degradation of sound or image clarity, or the fading of a picture with a DVD photo album. Because DVDs are authored in a digital format, your photo montage will never wear with time, or by playing too often. With the proper care, and storage, DVDs can last anywhere from 100-250 years, without any loss of quality!

Why Choose Rocchio Productions DVD?
Rocchio Productions DVD is a work-at-home parent owned business. By choosing Rocchio Productions, you are not only allowing a parent to achieve success in two crucial areas (parenting & career), but you will also receive one-on-one contact with the person producing your DVD. We do not contract any work out to other individuals or businesses, or have any employees; therefore all concerns, instructions, and suggestions will go directly to the only person to work on your presentation. All Rocchio Productions DVD photo presentations are authored with professional grade software, equipment, and media. We strive for perfection in creating exactly what you expect when entrusting us with the production of your DVD slideshow, and pride ourselves on keeping all relations between customer and producer on a personal and friendly level. Thank you for considering Rocchio Productions, we look forward to working with you!

We encourage you to compare our prices with those of other DVD slideshow companies. Try a simple Google search for "dvd photo montage". Our slideshows are priced well below the industry standard (priced up to 400% less than other companies!). Creating the perfect photo montage is a time consuming process, and we use only high-quality media for all projects. Unlike other proprietors, we do not charge extra for using high-end discs for our recordings, or for minor photo retouching. We do not charge extra for photo transitions, or by the amount of hours spent on production. 

Our DVD slideshow packages include the following:

·         Photo transitions

·         Photo retouching (color/contrast correction, red eye reduction)

·         Music of your choice (provided by you)

·         Text introduction and text ending slides

·         Interactive Main & Chapter Menus 


Starter Package
Up to 30 Photos
Approximately 4-5 minutes in length
1-2 songs of your choice, depending on song length

Basic Package
31-50 Photos
Approximately 6-9 minutes in length
2-3 songs of your choice, depending on song length

Advanced Package
51-75 Photos
Approximately 10-13 minutes in length
3-4 songs of your choice, depending on song length

Deluxe Package
76-100 Photos
Approximately 14-17 minutes in length
4-5 songs of your choice, depending on song length

Grand Package
101-125 Photos
Approximately 18-21 minutes in length
5-6 songs of your choice, depending on song length

Supreme Package
126-150 Photos
Approximately 22-25 minutes in length
6-7 songs of your choice, depending on song length

Royal Package
151-200 Photos
Approximately 26-29 minutes in length
7-8 songs of your choice, depending on song length

Eternal Package
201-275 Photos
Approximately 30-35 minutes in length
8-10 songs of your choice, depending on song length
Includes One Additional Copy For FREE!

Scanning - .50 cents each photo

Personal message slide - $10.00

Photo CD of retouched image files - $10.00

Convert Mini-VHS or VHS to DVD - $20.00 per 2hr DVD

Convert Slides or Negatives to DVD - .50 cents per photo, $20.00 per DVD

Additional DVD copy - $10.00

Plus tax (7.00%) on the total amount, and the client is responsible for shipping both ways. Payment by check or money order must accompany the photos and music CD. Upon completion, we would return everything plus the completed DVD(s).

     When mailing Photos and Music, please include the name of the person (s) the DVD is being made for, and any special instructions. Also, it is important that your photo files are named in a discernable chronological order (such as 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg and so on), as this is the order they will appear in your slideshow. Any questions or comments of any kind, pertaining to your order are welcomed at [email protected], of course work doesn’t begin until payment has been received.  

We will keep a copy of your completed project on file for three months after completion, making it possible to order additional copies within the three month time frame.  All projects will be erased from out system after three months.



   **photos saved on a disc or storage drive, must be in .jpeg format **

** Rocchio Productions doesn't take responsibility for lost or damages caused by shipping **

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